1024 Box Moves

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  • This puzzle can be solved in 1024 movements.
  • Great Sokoban Style game with some beautifully minimalist 3D graphics and animations.
  • Very well designed puzzles and challenging.
  • Definitely you gonna enjoy playing through all the stages on this one.
  • That is to say, I think it is not possible to do it in less than 1024 movements.

How to play?

  • Controls:
    • Arrow keys/WASD to move
    • P to Pause
    • R to Retry.

A note on performance

The performance of this game is very PC machine/browser dependent. It works quite well in modern browsers, especially those with GPU canvas acceleration.

Currently supported browsers include:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • IE9
  • More Pc browsers

Currently not supported browsers include:

  • mobile browser

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