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Pixel Slice Game

This exhilarating game, known as the Pixel Slice Game, features multi-color cubes that jump up from below the screen. Players must use mouse controls to slice the cubes before they cross the bottom of the screen.

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Lights Out

Lights Out is an engaging puzzle game that challenges players to turn off all the lights on a grid. The grid is comprised of cells that can be either illuminated or dark. By clicking on a cell, players toggle its state, as well as the states of its neighboring cells.

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Memory Matching Game

Memory Game, also known as the Concentration card game or Matching Game is a classic card-flipping game where players test their memory skills by matching pairs of cards. The objective of the game is to flip over two cards at a time and find all the matching pairs within the specified number of moves. 

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farm animal sounds

This is a collection of sounds from some farm animals. Please have a listen and we will try to find more to share with you. We apologize for the limited number of sounds provided.

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barby runner

Barby-Runner is basically Arcade game Which has triller expirence to cross the footpath with the barby in a garden.