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Pixel Slice Game

This exhilarating game, known as the Pixel Slice Game, features multi-color cubes that jump up from below the screen. Players must use mouse controls to slice the cubes before they cross the bottom of the screen.

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Lights Out

Lights Out is an engaging puzzle game that challenges players to turn off all the lights on a grid. The grid is comprised of cells that can be either illuminated or dark. By clicking on a cell, players toggle its state, as well as the states of its neighboring cells.

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Space Huggers

Embark on an exhilarating shooting and adventure journey in “Space_Huggers”! Can you eliminate all the enemies within the given lives and progress further? Game points will be awarded based on the enemies killed, allowing you to move on to the next level.

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Track not found

Hey! Where’s the track?!
In this game, you’ll need to play with perspective and optical illusions to help your train cross a river in 11 different levels!

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farm animal sounds

This is a collection of sounds from some farm animals. Please have a listen and we will try to find more to share with you. We apologize for the limited number of sounds provided.